The club is changing its competition year and, as a result, will be run from September to May.

The competitions listed in the programme from January to May 2019 will not be included in the league tables.
Competitions are held on a 2 year rolling cycle and they are open to Club Members only.
A maximum of 3 entries, per member, are allowed in each format of each competition.

Points are awarded towards the league tables on all except three competitions ;
Nature Cup, Chairman's Challenge and Bill Watson DPI

2019/20 Competitions

CompetitionSubjectFormatEntry DateJudging
Digital Shield 1OpenDPI10/Sept24/Sept
Chairman's ChallengeUrban LandscapeDPI10/Sept24/Sept
Chairman's ChallengeUrban LandscapePrints08/Oct22/Oct
Digital Shield 2OpenDPI14/Oct28/Jan
Merit Print 2OpenMono + Colour10/Mar24/Mar
Digital Shield 3Whatever the WeatherDPI10/Mar24/Mar
Merit Print 3The SeaDPI14/Apr28/Apr
Eric Foster Memorial Challenge CupOpenMono Print14/Apr28/Apr

Col - Colour Print
Mono - Monochrome Print
DPI - Digitally Projected Image.
Maximum sizes of DPI entries are 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high (Landscspe) and 1200 pixels high x 1200 pixels wide (Portrait)