New Season......

Update on meetings
All of us have experienced changes in recent times – and the Ivybridge & District Camera Club is no exception. Club meetings are normally held at Bittaford Jubilee Hall, but these have been suspended for the time. Instead, we propose to start the new season using Zoom video-conferencing software.

The proposed schedule is:-

 Tuesday 1st September - 2019/20 AGM (agenda to follow).
 Tuesday 8th September - Introduction to new season and 'Show Your Own Work'.
 Tuesday 22nd September - Technical topic/help sessions.

Although the Committee have planned a full programme, it was based on being able to restart our regular meetings. Instead, we have decided to try videoconferencing – something very new to us which, no doubt, will require some fine-tuning, so please bear with us as we go through the learning process.

In order to avoid uncertainty and multiple delays, the proposed date for the restart of our normal meetings is January 12th 2021. Until then, there will be no cost for the Hall, but we will have to pay to use Zoom. As a result, there will be a subscription fee of £5 for the interim period, but this will be waived for existing members to compensate for the shortening of last season.

We can be reached by email by using the “Contact Us” page.