Another good day out

Kingswood Salver success
Ivybridge and District Camera Club came in second place at the Kingswood Salver competition on the 18th November. Following the third places in the Devon Battle panel and DPIs. This rounds off a successful year for the club.

The Salver this year had entries from eighteen camera clubs in the Western Counties region.

Great news for the club and especially for Ian, Alan, Colin, Sue & Dave. It takes a lot of time from all participants to get a successful panel, and we are getting better all the time. Well done team!
Thanks Ian for being there to collect the award certificate. After the competition they were entertained with a talk from the judge Anne Sutcliffe FRPS EFIAP PPSA.

As an idea for those members not involved, a panel has to be carefully constructed. It has to be a clever idea first. Then the photos must be technically competent. In our case we decided upon a risky creative technique using multiple shots of the same subject and blending them together. Risky because some judges don’t like avant-garde work. But it was a lot of fun for us! There must only be one photo per person used (of course there were plenty more taken!)They must complement each other across the panel, and not have any jarring elements to break the coherence. All this takes an element of trial and error to start with, then an element of deliberate aiming with the later photos. Generally there are at least two photo-shoots, and the second or third visits are aiming to complement the missing photo (s) in the set. All this organising and rearranging and re-processing goes on over several months, with each image gradually being edited so that no stone is left unturned. This all takes a number of face-to-face meetings and a lot of Dropbox conversations.

But it is great fun and a special treat to work as a team, so worth all the effort.

The panel can be found on the Club Website at here

The WCPF web site covering the competition can be found at here